Peace Summit – No to NATO – Madrid 25.6.2022
Ulla Klötzer – Women for Peace – Finland

The war in Ukraine is devastating and must come to an end.

But will it be possible as long as common people have no clue about the process that lead up to this war?

This war is the mad and satanic plan of the US to increase the full-spectrum dominance, that has been built up with the help of NATO for years.

Russia must be brought to its knees.

Then the turn comes to China.

First came the expansion of NATO from 12 founding members 1949 to 30 members today. This despite prominent western promises – after the fall of the Berlin war – about NATO not going one inch to the east.

Then there was the disastrous mistake not to get rid of NATO when the Warsaw Pact was ended.

One more recent, most important puzzle piece, was the Maidan coup in Ukraine 2014 engineered by the US with the help of NATO.

And now we have the Ukraine war setting two crucial missing puzzle pieces right in the Northern NATO region:

The NATO-applications of Sweden and Finland – initiated by the Ukraine war – and Finland buying F-35 fighter jets.

A satanic plan that was realized overnight.

With NATO-memberships of Finland and Sweden all other ports in the Baltic Sea – except St.Petersburg and Kaliningrad – will be NATO-ports – The Baltic Sea becomes a NATO inland sea
Finland has the longest NATO-border to Russia – 1.300 kms (800 miles

In 2021 – 21 % of the Finnish people supported a NATO membership.

In March 2022 the supporters amounted to 62%

The NATO-process starting immediately after the Ukraine intervention is a master piece of a totalitarian consensus dictatorship what comes to politicians and the media.

The president, all political parties and the media turned into NATO-supporters over night.

Only the left party was somewhat skeptical but also this party turned rather quickly into NATO supporters.

No democratic debate about negative effects.

No articles about alternatives, prominent persons/groups speaking out against a further NATO-expansion.

Nothing about increasing tensions, increasing risks for nuclear war etc.

This despite the green party foreign minister Pekka Haavisto’s great words when Finland was elected member of the UN Human Rights Council in October last year (2021).

He said in press release that he, and Finland, would work for peace and understanding and integrating civil society and NGO:s in decision making.

All promises for a NATO-referendum – also given several times by the Finnish president Niinistö – were forgotten.

The Finnish political elite also did their utmost to influence the Swedish process – and they succeeded.

Women for Peace sent out a list of the warnings – by lots of prominent persons from the western world – to some 70 chief editors and other journalists as well as the ministers and members of parliament – no reactions – no articles – nothing – total silence!

Since there was no democratic debate – no free media – the Finnish people turned in a couple of months/even weeks into totally blind and deaf NATO-supporters.

And the really shameful part – this happened in Finland as well as Sweden under the rule of social democrats – and women social democrat prime ministers – and in Finland with the 99 % help of green and left party members of parliament.

Now of course Russia is acting.

According to recent news, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that new military bases will be established in the western part of the country, near the Finnish border.

Twelve new military units and divisions will be established in western Russia by the end of this year.

How could this happen?

Finland has had – as a non-aligned country – a rather well functioning relationship with Russia for decades. Trade and business benefitted both parts. There has been some kind of dialogue and understanding.

Finnish people have understood the importance of having a good relationship to its big neighbor.

As late as last spring (2021) Finland’s president Sauli Niinistö – who is now proudly bringing Finland and Sweden into NATO – announced his intention to arrange a new OSCE Helsinki Summit on the 50th anniversary in 2025.

According to him the idea had got support from Moscow, Washington, Beijing and Berlin.

Now – with Finland’s NATO application – Russia would never attend such a Summit in Helsinki.

At the Munich Security Conference in 2019 – President Niinistö, due to the tragic announcement that the US would withdraw from the INF-treaty – speculated on the possibility of extending the treaty in regards to Europe, and continuing to prohibit the placement of weapons banned under the treaty.

He even mentioned an area reaching from the Ural Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean.

All this was obviously too much for the US and NATO full-spectrum aspirations.

The two missing NATO pieces in the North had to be put into place – and so happened.

The ironic and deeply tragic fact is that only the Turkish president – the tyrannical human rights violator – might stop the NATO memberships of Sweden and Finland.

But of course he can always be bought by promises about Finland and Sweden changing their law so that Erdogan’s “terrorist” labeled refuges can be sent back to Turkey from mainly Sweden but also Finland.

Or he could be bought by weapon embargos being lifted, or by EU membership or whatever.

There is however a recent warning worth mentioning:

The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)– a Europe-wide think tank headquartered in Berlin,  conducted mid June a pan-European opinion poll across ten countries. The Think-tank warns of long –lasting polarization in the EU caused by the Ukraine war.

  • “Peace camp” people that wants the war to end as soon   as possible
  • “Justice” camp that believes in more pressing goal to punish Russia (22 per cent of people)
  • “Swing voters” tough in their Russia critics, but fear that a long-lasting war will be too costly for Europe.

With their fears, the “swing voters” represent around three-fifths of the population: 61 percent fears that the war could escalate into a nuclear war; 61 percent is worried that the costs of living, especially energy prices, will continue to increase. The ECFR considers that, on the one hand, pressure will rise on the “Swing Voters” to get off the fence, and on the other, it is not unlikely that if the feeling grows that the fierce economic sanctions on Russia are failing to bring results, while, creating more hardships for Europe, they will turn toward the “Peace spectrum.”

Peace versus Justice: The coming European split over the war in Ukraine –  European Council on Foreign RelationsPeace camp
With regards to the still dominant bellicism in politics and media, the ECFR warns of a “growing gap between the stated positions of many European governments and the public mood in their countries.” Europe is in danger of becoming so deeply polarized that the EU will be immobilized by its own divisions. The Ukraine war could signal the permanent marginalization of Europe on the world stage.5

And as the last comment – NATO expansion continues on a large scale in the Pacific – NATO goes global – How shall we stop it?

  • We must together call for a new OSCE Summit in 2025 – we must call for negotiating and dialogue
  • We must be networking – networking – networking
  • We must cross language barriers and concentrate on common – basic issues
  • We must call for stopping the sanctions
  • We must remind the media about it’s role – truth is the first victim of war.

NATO = Nuclear Armed Terrorist Organization

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