Campaign To Stop Killer Robots

Formed in October 2012, the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots is a coalition of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that is working to ban fully autonomous weapons and thereby retain meaningful human control over the use of force.


No More War Rehearsals!

A Petition to the Governments of All NATO Members – Plus Sweden, Finland, and Russia.

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Nothing has done more to advance the possibility of peace in Korea than the United States ceasing what it calls ”war games,” but which might properly be called rehearsals for the bombing of North Korea.

Yet the United States, NATO, and non-NATO members Sweden and Finland are conducting the biggest rehearsal for a war on Russia that has been seen in decades, and Russia is engaged in a similarly enormous armed-rehearsal for a war on Europe. This is madness that must be ended.

Planning for wars has been proven for many years to make wars more likely, and to drain resources away from planning for peace. Nations that plan less for war engage in less war and generate less hostility and terrorism.

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In May 2016, Politico reported on Pentagon testimony in the U.S. Congress to the effect that Russia had a superior and threatening military; the article included an admission from a ”senior Pentagon officer” who said: ”These guys want us to believe the Russians are 10 feet tall. There’s a simpler explanation: The Army is looking for a purpose, and a bigger chunk of the budget. And the best way to get that is to paint the Russians as being able to land in our rear and on both of our flanks at the same time. What a crock.”

We demand an end to war rehearsals, and a public commitment by every national government never again to participate in rehearsals for war.

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Breaking Defense: NATO, Russia Prep Biggest War Games Since Cold War
Politico: The U.S. Army’s War Over Russia

Ydinasekieltoa ajava kampanjaverkosto ICAN Finland

ICAN Finlandin tavoitteena on ylläpitää ydinasevastaista julkista keskustelua ja koordinoida hankkeita, tapahtumia ja muuta toimintaa ydinaseriisuntateeman ympärillä.

Naiset Rauhan Puolesta –liike on tämän verkoston jäsen.



Maailmanlaajuinen kielto uraaniaseille

Kansainvälinen uraaniaseiden kieltoa vaativa verkosto ICBUW

International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons vetoaa mailman hallituksiin ja YK:n yleiskokoukseen edistääkseen uraaniasekieltoa.
Naiset Rauhan Puolesta –liike on tämän kansainvälisen verkoston jäsen ja toimii Suomen koordinoijana.


Pelasta Maailma Save the Planet, Unite the Armies

UNITE THE ARMIES -kampanjan idea on, että osa kaikkien YK-maiden armeijoiden resursseista pitäisi ohjata ympäristönsuojeluun – tai ympäristölle aiheutettujen tuhojen korjaamiseen.

Kampanja pyrkii pysäyttämään maapallon ympäristön jatkuvan huonontumisen.

Annetaan armeijoille uusi positiivinen, ympäristönsuojelijan tehtävä.
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