Arja Laine, WILPF- Finnish section – Women’s International League för Peace and Freedom, Ulla Klötzer and Lea Launokari, Women for Peace, Antti Seppänen, PAND – Artist for Peace, and Andreu Ginsetet, silent diplomat, Germany

The letter reminding president Niinistö, the Finnish government and parliament about the urgent need for a new OSCE Summit in 2025. Signatures as of 22nd of April from some 80 organisations from Europe and OSCE member states.

Presentation by Andreu Ginsetet
Message from Heidi Meinzolt
Message from Oleg Bodrov

To the President of Finland, Mr. Sauli Niinistö

Cc: the Government and Parliament of Finland

Re: OSCE Summit in 2025

In March 2021 You, Mr. President made the remarkable initiative for a new OSCE Summit in 2025. You also made the generous offer to hold the summit in Helsinki in honor of the historical summit 50 years ago. You also stated that the idea had got support from Washington, Moscow and Berlin.

Your initiative was also supported by over 130 representatives of non-governmental organisations in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region.

In view of the extremely tense and dangerous situation that we experience today in Ukraine and in the relations between USA/NATO/Europe and Russia, the urgent need for a new OSCE Summit is greater than ever.

Finland – as also Sweden – have traditionally played a strong role as promoters of peace, dialogue and understanding. That role must be upheld and strengthened.  The need for respected non-aligned states as intermediaries is urgent. Therefore, we sincerely hope that Finland – as well as Sweden – shall not let all the people that worldwide are uniting for peace and understanding down by joining NATO before the outcome of a new OSCE summit in the spirit of 1975 is clear.

We, some 80 organisations from Europe and OSCE member states (7 remarkable international organisations), are now urging You, Mr. President to do your utmost in order to fulfill your commitment to arrange a new OSCE Summit in 2025, a summit where a true security agenda for all of Europe, respecting also the needs and wishes of Russia, will be discussed and implemented.

People, working for peace and for the survival of our planet in times of growing worldwide social injustice, climate change and climate related catastrophes, are in extreme need of strong signals from the political elite that our fears and hopes are taken seriously. 

Europe April 22, 2022

Signatures as of April 22, 2022


  • Ban Killer Drones Campaign an international grassroots campaign committed to banning aerial weaponized drones and military and police drone surveillance.

contacts Nick Mottern: nickmottern (at),

Kathy Kelly: kathy (at)

  • Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security (CPDCS) contact Joseph Gerson: jgerson80 (at)

CPDCS serves as a bridge between peace and nuclear disarmament movements in U.S., Asia, and Europe and contributes to intersectional organizing. The data base includes 10,200 contacts in the U.S. and internationally. CPDCS is partner with numerous U.S. and international organizations, coalitions, and networks.

  • Church and Peace – European peace church network, EUROPE/INTERNATIONAL

Contact Lydia Funck: intloffice (at)

Church and Peace is the European ecumenical peace church network. The Church and Peace network comprises over fifty communities, churches, training centres, peace service agencies and peace movements, as well as around sixty members from the Mennonite, Quaker, Church of the Brethren, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Orthodox, Reformed and Roman Catholic traditions from 15 European countries.


contact Ariel Gold: ariel (at)

CODEPINK is a women-led grassroots organization working to end U.S. wars and militarism, support peace and human rights initiatives, and redirect our tax dollars into healthcare, education, green jobs and other life-affirming programs. CODEPINK has a broad international network of allies in different parts of the world and organizes campaigns covering many countries.

  • International Peace Bureau (IPB)

contact Reiner Braun: info (at)

IPB has 300 member organisations in 70 countries which together with individual members, form a global network, bringing together knowledge and campaigning experience in a common cause. IPB links experts and advocates working on similar issues in order to build strong civil society movements.

IPB plays a central role in the Geneva-based NGO Committee for Disarmament, a committee of CONGO, the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Status with ECOSOC. There are sister committees in New York and Vienna. Together they follow various disarmament negotiations, within and outside the UN.

  • No to war – No to NATO international network

contact: Kristine Karch – Kristine (at)

The network unites some 400 national organisations/movements/groups from over 40 countries.

·         World BEYOND War – a global nonviolent movement to end war and establish a just and sustainable peace.


David Swanson: davidcnswanson (at)

Greta Zarro: greta (at)

World BEYOND War is a member of the Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases; the Divest from the War Machine Coalition; the Global Day Against Military Spending; the International Peace Bureau; the Korea Collaboration Network; the Poor People’s Campaign; United for Peace and Justice; the United National Antiwar Coalition; the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons; the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space; the international network No to war – no to NATO; Overseas Base Realignment and Closure Coalition; People Over Pentagon; Campaign to End the Selective Service System; the Demilitarize U.S. to Palestine Coalition; Just Recovery Canada; No Fighter Jets Coalition; Canada-Wide Peace and Justice Network; Peace Education Network (PEN); Beyond Nuclear; Working Group on Youth Peace and Security; Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructures for Peace.

er with numerous U.S. and iS. and international organizations, coalitions, and networks.


  • Abolition des armes nucléaires – Maison de Vigilance – FRANCE

         contact Thierry Duvernoy: abolitiondesarmesnucleaires (at)

  • Aktionsgemeinschaft Dienst für den Frieden (AGDF) (a network of 31 institutions working with peace in Germany and abroad)GERMANY

         contactJan Gildemeister: gildemeister (at)

  • Amandamaji ry – FINLAND

contact Marika Lohi:  marika.lohi (at)

  • Antinuclear society of Tartarstan – RUSSIA 

contact Albert Garapov: algaraf (at)

  • Aarhus mod Krig og Terror  – Aarhus against War and Terror –  DENMARK

contact  Helge Ratzer: helgeratzer (at) 

  • Artister för fred – Artists for Peace – SWEDEN

         contact Kemal Görgũ: kemalgrg (at)

  • ÄrztInnen für eine gesunde Umwelt – Austrian Doctors for the Environment – AUSTRIA

         contact Hanns Moshammer: hanns.moshammer (at)

  • AseistakieltäytyjäliittoAKL organization for conscientious objectors – FINLAND

contact Aku Kervinen: aku.kervinen (at)


contact Boukari OUEDRAOGO: attacburkina (at)

  • Bremer Friedensforum  – Bremen Peace Forum – GERMANY

Contact Ekkehard Lentz: info(at)

  • CND Cymru – the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in Wales – UNITED KINGDOM
    contact Brian Jones:  heddwch (at)
  • die Feministische Partei DIE FRAUEN (feminist party WOMEN)- GERMANY

contact Margot Müller: info (at)

  • Ecological North West Line (Internet service for journalists and activists) – RUSSIA

contact Vladimir F.Levchenko: enwl.bellona (at)

  • Folkkampanjen mot Kärnkraft-Kärnvapen Peoples’ Movement Against Nuclear Power And Weapons SWEDEN

contact Jan Strömdahl: jfstromdahl (at)

  • Frauennetzwerk für Frieden e.V. – Women’s Network for Peace – GERMANY

         contact Elise Kopper: info (at)

  • Fredens Hus Göteborg – Peace House Gothenburg – SWEDEN

contact Karin Utas Carlsson: k.utas.carlsson (at)

  • Fredsministerium – Peace Ministry of DENMARK

contact Hasse Schneidermann: hasse.schneidermann (at)

  • FredsVagten ved Christiansborg – PeaceWatch at Christiansborg – DENMARK

contact Irene Sørensen – 0802irene (at)  

  • Friedensregion Bodensee e.V. – Peace region Bodensee, GERMANY, contact Martina Knappert-Hiese: martina.knappert-hiese (at)
  • Guild of Environmental Journalists of the Union of Journalists of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region – RUSSIA
    contact Lina Zernova: linazernova (at)
  • Hamburger Forum für Völkerverständigung und weltweite Abrüstung e. V. (Hamburg Forum for International Understanding and Global Disarmament) – GERMANY

Contact: Markus Gunkel: hamburger-forum (at)

  • Internasjonal kvinneliga for fred og frihet – WILPF – NORWAY contact Åse Møller-Hansen:  frederveien (at)
  • Internationale Versöhnungsbund – Österreichischer ZweigInternational Fellowship of Reconciliation – Austrian BranchAUSTRIA

contact: Pete Hämmerle – office (at)

  •  Internationella kvinnoförbundet för fred och frihet Göteborg (IKFF) – WILPF Gothenburg – SWEDEN

contact Begard Yunis  – begardy (at)  

  • IPPNW Deutschland – IPPNW Germany – GERMANY

contact Angelika Wilmen:  wilmen (at )

  • Kieler Friedensforum (Kiel peace forum) – GERMANY

contact Benno Stahn: b.stahn (at)

  • Kooperation für den Frieden (cooperation for peace)GERMANY

contact Jens-Peter Steffen: steffen (at)

  • Kvinnor för Fred – Women for PeaceSWEDEN

contact Susanne Gerstenberg: susanne.gerstenberg (at)

  • Latvian Green Movement LATVIA

contactJanis Matulis: janis.matulis (at)

  • Lebenshaus Schwäbische Alb – Gemeinschaft für soziale Gerechtigkeit, Frieden und Ökologie e.V. –  (a community for social justice, peace and ecology) –  GERMANY

contact Michael Schmid: michael.schmid (at)

  • Left Alternative Association – HUNGARY

contact Gábor Szász: cacpilota (at)

  • Left Ecological Forum – BELGIUM 

contact Michel Vanhoorne: michel.vanhoorne (at)

  • LE Mouvement de la Paix  – FRANCE

         contact Roland Nivet: roland.nivet (at) – 

         rennes (at)

  • Leuvense Vredesbeweging (Leuvense peace movement) – BELGIUM

contact Ria Verjauw: vredeleuven (at)

  • Muslim Peace Fellowship USA

contact Susan Smith: susanhsmith (at)

  • Nej till Nato – No to Nato SWEDEN

contact Eva Jonsson: eva.e.jonson (at)

  • Naiset  Atomivoimaa Vastaan – Women Against Nuclear Power – FINLAND

contact Ulla Klötzer: ullaklotzer (at) 

  • Naiset Rauhan Puolesta – Women for Peace – FINLAND

contact Lea Launokari: lea.launokari (at) 

  • Nej till Nato – No to Nato – SWEDEN

contact Eva Jonsson: eva.e.jonson (at)

  • Network for Building Peace – BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA

Contact Una Telegrafčić:  info (at)

  • PAND – Taiteilijat rauhan puolesta – Artists for peace – FINLAND contact Antti Seppänen:  pandtalo (at)
  • Platform Vrouwen en Duurzame Vrede (Platform Women and Sustainable Peace) – NETHERLANDS

contact Anna Zanen: annazanen (at)

  • Public Council of the South Coast of the Gulf of Finland – RUSSIA, contactOleg Bodrov: obdecom (at) 
  • Public eco-movement ”Kola Ecocenter” – RUSSIA

contact Yuri Ivanov: yura.ivanov (at)

  • Social movement ”For Nature”, Chelyabinsk – RUSSIA

contact Andrey Talevlin: a.talevlin (at)

  • Socio-ecological union International – RUSSIA

contact Sviatoslav Zabelin:  svetfrog (at) 

  • Steirische Friedensplattform – AUSTRIA
    contact  Franz Sölkner: – franz.soelkner (at)
  • Svenska Kvinnors Vänsterförbund – Swedish Women of the Left – SWEDEN
    contact Ianthe Holmberg: ianthe.holmberg (at)

  • Sveriges Fredsråd – Swedish Peace Council, SWEDEN

contact Agneta Norberg: lappland.norberg (at)

  • TID TIL FRED – aktiv mod krig – TIME FOR PEACE – active against war DENMARK

contact Lizette Lassen: dgl (at)

  • Ukrainian Pacifist Movement – UKRAINE

contact Yurii Sheliazhenko:  yuriy.sheliazhenko (at)

  • Vrede vzw (Peace) BELGIUM

contact Ludo De Brabander: ludo (at)

  • VredesInformatieCentrum (Peace Information Centre) – THE NETHERLANDS

contact Geart Bosma: vredescentrum (at)

  • Västernorrlands FN distrikt – Västernorrland UN district – SWEDEN, contact: Sameer Lafta – sameerlafta (at)

contact Ria Convents :  ria.convents (at)

  • Women’s Community ”Soft Power” – RUSSIA

contact Olga Fattush: fattoush (at)

  • Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) – NETHERLANDS

contact Rosan Huizenga: huiz.klopp (at)

  • Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Suomen osasto ry – Finnish section – FINLAND

contact Sirkku Järvelä: wilpf (at)

  • Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) UK Section – UNITED KINGDOM

contact Paula Shaw: ukwilpf.peace (at)

  • Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) U.S. section  – USA

contact Darien De Lu: president (at)


  • Ingeborg Breines,  former UNESCO representative to Pakistan and UN Geneva, director of the Women and a Culture of Peace Programme of UNESCO, former President of the International Peace Bureau, senior advisor to the secretariat of the World Summit of Noble Peace Laureates  – NORWAY

contact: i.breines (at) gmail.som

  • Václav Exner, former MP of Czech republic and member of Czech delegation in the Parliamentry Assembly of OSCE – CZECH REPUBLIC

contact:  ladislav.e (at)

  • Andreu Ginestet, Silent Diplomat – GERMANY

contact: andreu_ginestet (at)

  • Fredrik Stang Heffermehl, lawyer, writer, peace activist,  honorary president, and former president, of the Norwegian Peace Council, former vice president of the International Peace Bureau,  former vice president of the International Association of Lawyers against Nuclear Arms – NORWAY  

contact: fredpax (at)

  • Sven Hirdman former diplomat, ambassador and state secretary in the Ministry of Defense, former deputy director at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) – SWEDEN

Contact: sven.hirdman (at)

  • Marina Janssen, member of the board,  NGO Center for Applied Ecology – ESTONIA

contact: marina (at) 

  • Natalia V. Kovaleva, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Chairman of the St. Petersburg Society of Medical Genetics –  RUSSIA
    contact: kovalevanv2007 (at)
  • Heidi Meinzolt , Board Member for Europe of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, coordinator of the OSCE WG on women and gender realities in the OSCE region – GERMANY

contact: heidi.meinzolt (at)

  • Kees Nieuwerth, Quaker and vice-president of the Council of Churches in the Netherlands – NETHERLANDS

conctact: k.nieuwerth (at)

  • Richard Petersen, ein Bürger für den Frieden – a citizen for peace,  Kiel – GERMANY

contact: petersen_kiel (at)

  • Thomas Roithner, Friedensforscher und Privatdozent für Politikwissenschaft, Wien – AUSTRIA   

contact: thomas.roithner (at) E.Serebryakov, independent nuclear expert, Ph.D., Moscow – RUSSIA
contact: bserebr (at)

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